Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get a Pictoral Postmark Cancellation

Want an inexpensive but valuable keepsake?

It takes a little effort but a pictoral postmark for the City of Cape Canaveral's 50th anniversary is one you will want. Cancellations are provided by the United Post Office for the price of an envelope and a first class stamp.

Here are the steps.

1) Get two envelopes, one envelope that will comfortable slip inside the bigger envelope with the least amount of folding. Tip this small envelope the one that will have the postmark (see pic 2 below) is called a "cachet"

2) On the smaller envelope (the cachet) put an attractive forever stamp or stamps of your preference and then write or print out your name and return address.

3) On the bigger envelope address it to the Postmaster, Cape Canaveral. 32920 attn: 50th Anniversary.

4) Then put the smaller envelope inside the bigger envelope and the appropriate postage and then just mail it.

It's just that simple. Now wait about three weeks and look for your keepsake in the mail.

Want to get more complicated?

Want multiple postmarks?

Want multiple postmarks but don't want your address on the cachet ?

Like to print out your envelope with a fancy design?

Just ask your questions in the comment section below.